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Ice is a small tool that allows you to easily add numerous video games from consoles such as Super Nintendo, Megadrive, Ninendo Game Cube, Playstation or Dreamcast to your Steam account. You can run them from the client just by clicking on them.

The program's configuration is very simple and well-explained in a step by step process on the official web page; however, it basically consists of choosing the folder where you have the different emulators that you want to use and the folders where you can find the ROMs. That's it.

Of course, you have to download the emulators and ROM of the different consoles through different means. Ice only includes its own tool and doesn't have any additional files. In any case, it shouldn't be a problem to find emulators and ROM for the majority of consoles.

Ice is a small application that, with its reduced size and null interface, gives us the possibility to easily enjoy hundreds of classic video games through Steam. Final Fantasy VI, Shenmue, Shining Force, Super Smash Bros... any game can be in your Stream account.
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